Proton-decaying states in 22Mg and the nucleosynthesis of 22Na in novae

B. Davids, J. P. M. Beijers, A. M. van den Berg, P. Dendooven, S. Harmsma, M. Hunyadi, M. A. de Huu, R. H. Siemssen, H. W. Wilschut, H. J. Woertche, M. Hernanz, J. Jose

Submitted on 11 August 2003


Populating states in 22Mg via the (p,t) reaction in inverse kinematics with a 55 MeV/nucleon 24Mg beam, we have measured the proton-decay branching ratios of the levels at 5.96 MeV and 6.05 MeV and obtained an experimental upper limit on the branching ratio of the 5.71 MeV state. On the basis of the present and previous measurements, we assign spins and parities to the 5.96 MeV and 6.05 MeV states. We combine our branching ratios with independent measurements of the lifetimes of these states or their 22Ne analogs to compute the resonance strengths and thereby the astrophysical rate of the 21Na(p,g)22Mg reaction. We perform hydrodynamic calculations of nova outbursts with this new rate and analyze its impact on 22Na yields.


Comment: 8 pages, 6 figures, 1 table, submitted to PRC

Subjects: Nuclear Experiment; Astrophysics