New measurement and analysis of the 7Be(p,gamma)8B cross section

F. Hammache, G. Bogaert, P. Aguer, C. Angulo, S. Barhoumi, L. Brillard, J. F. Chemin, G. Claverie, A. Coc, M. Hussonnois, M. Jacotin, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre, J. N. Scheurer, J. -P. Thibaud, E. Virassamyna"iken

Submitted on 10 December 1997


Cross sections for the 7Be(p,gamma)8B reaction have been measured for E_c.m.= 0.35-1.4 MeV using radioactive 7Be targets. Two independent measurements carried out with different beam conditions, different targets and detectors are in excellent agreement. A statistical comparison of these measurements with previous results leads to a restricted set of consistent data. The deduced zero-energy S-factor S(0) is found to be 15-20% smaller than the previously recommended value. This implies a 8B solar neutrino flux lower than previously predicted in various standard solar models.


Comment: 14 pages, Latex, To appear in Phys. Rev. Lett

Subjects: Nuclear Experiment; Astrophysics