Curvature Corrections to Dynamics of Domain Walls

Brandon Carter, Ruth Gregory

Submitted on 13 October 1994


The most usual procedure for deriving curvature corrections to effective actions for topological defects is subjected to a critical reappraisal. A logically unjustified step (leading to overdetermination) is identified and rectified, taking the standard domain wall case as an illustrative example. Using the appropriately corrected procedure, we obtain a new exact (analytic) expression for the corresponding effective action contribution of quadratic order in the wall width, in terms of the intrinsic Ricci scalar R and the extrinsic curvature scalar K. The result is proportional to cK2R with the coefficient given by c2. The resulting form of the ensuing dynamical equations is obtained in terms of the second fundamental form and the Dalembertian of its trace, K. It is argued that this does not invalidate the physical conclusions obtained from the "zero rigidity" ansatz c=0 used in previous work.


Comment: 19 pages plain TeX, 2 figures included

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; High Energy Physics - Phenomenology