A Reliable Multipath Routing Protocol Based on Link Stability

Juan Xu, Ruofan Wang, Yan Zhang, Hongmin Huang

Submitted on 7 November 2022


Wireless NanoSensor Network (WNSN) is a new type of sensor network with broad application prospects. In view of the limited energy of nanonodes and unstable links in WNSNs, we propose a reliable multi-path routing based on link stability (RMRLS). RMRLS selects the optimal path which perfects best in the link stability evaluation model, and then selects an alternative route by the routing similarity judgment model. RMRLS uses tew paths to cope with changes in the network topology. The simulation shows that the RMRLS protocol has advantages in data packet transmission success rate and average throughput, which can improve the stability and reliability of the network.


Subject: Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture