Quantization of the Closed Mini-Superspace Models as Bound States

Jong Hyun Kung

Submitted on 3 February 1993


Wheeler-DeWitt equation is applied to k>0 Friedmann Robertson Walker metric with various types of matter. It is shown that if the Universe ends in the matter dominated era (e.g., radiation or pressureless gas) with zero cosmological constant, then the resulting Wheeler-DeWitt equation describes a bound state problem. As solutions of a non-degenerate bound state system, the eigen-wave functions are real (Hartle-Hawking) and the usual issue associated with the ambiguity in the boundary conditions for the wave functions is resolved. Furthermore, as a bound state problem, there exists a quantization condition that relates the curvature of the three space with the energy density of the Universe. Incorporating a cosmological constant in the early Universe (inflation) is given as a natural explanation for the large quantum number associated with our Universe, which resulted from the quantization condition. It is also shown that if there is a cosmological constant Λ>0 in our Universe that persists for all time, then the resulting Wheeler-DeWitt equation describes a non-bound state system, regardless of the magnitude of the cosmological constant. As a consequence, the wave functions are in general complex (Vilenkin) and the initial conditions for wave functions are a free parameters not determined by the formalism.


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Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology