Les Houches Lectures on Black Holes

Andy Strominger

Submitted on 12 January 1995


Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Causal Structure and Penrose Diagrams: Minkowski Space; 1+1 Dimensional Minkowski Space; Schwarzchild Black Holes; Gravitational Collapse and the Vaidya Spacetimes; Event Horizons, Apparent Horizons, and Trapped Surfaces 3. Black Holes in Two Dimensions: General Relativity in the S-Wave Sector; Classical Dilaton Gravity; Eternal Black Holes; Coupling to Conformal Matter; Hawking Radiation and the Trace Anomaly; The Quantum State; Including the Back-Reaction; The Large N Approximation; Conformal Invariance and Generalizations of Dilaton Gravity; The Soluble RST Model 4. The Information Puzzle in Four Dimensions: Can the Information Come Out Before the Endpoint?; Low-Energy Effective Descriptions of the Planckian Endpoint; Remnants?; Information Destruction?; The Superposition Principle; Energy Conservation The New Rules; Superselection Sectors, α-parameters, and the Restoration of Unitarity 5. Conclusions and Outlook


Comment: 70 pages, 18 figures. Lectures presented at the 1994 Les Houches Summer School ``Fluctuating Geometries in Statistical Mechanics and Field Theory.'' (also available at )

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology