Discovery of a Short Period Pulsator from Istanbul University Observatory

Mustafa Turan Sağlam, Meryem Çördük, Sinan Aliş, Görkem Özgül, Olcaytuğ Özgüllü, Fatih Erkam Göktürk, Rahmi Gündüz, Süleyman Fişek, F. Korhan Yelkenci, Eyüp Kaan Ülgen, Tolga Güver

Submitted on 29 June 2022


We report the discovery of a new short period pulsating variable in the field of exoplanet host star XO-2. Variable has been identified while it was being used as a comparison star. In order to verify the variability of the candidate, a follow-up program was carried out. Period analysis of multi-band light curves revealed a very prominent and consistent pulsation periodicity of P0.95 hours. Given the variability period, amplitude and the color index, the object is most likely a \emph{Delta Scuti} type variable. Absolute magnitude (Mv) and the color index (BV)0 of the star determined as 2.76 and 0.22, respectively. This (BV)0 of the star corresponds to A7 spectral type with an approximate effective temperature of 7725 K. Machine-learning analysis of the time-series data also revealed that the object is of variable type DSCT with a probability of 78\%.


Comment: 6 pages, 9 figures, 4 tables, accepted for publication in the Turkish Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (TJAA)

Subject: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics