TIC 452991707 and TIC 452991693 as a Candidate Sextuple System with Three Eclipsing Binaries

P. Zasche and Z. Henzl

Submitted on 12 September 2022


We present the discovery of a rare system detected in the TESS data showing three different eclipsing-like signals. TIC 452991707 and TIC 452991693 seem to be the second such system on the sky, whose two components separated about 16" are gravitationally bounded, or comprise a co-moving pair. The three periods detected from the TESS data are: PA=1.46155 d, PB=1.77418 d, and PC=1.03989 d, respectively. The A and B periods belong to TIC 452991707, while the C comes from the component TIC 452991693. The pair A shows the deepest eclipses, and its orbit is very slightly eccentric. The third period C has lowest amplitude (eclipsing or ellipsoidal nature), but originates from TIC 452991693, which is connected to A+B because both visual components share similar proper motion and distance. Long-term collection of data from older photometry from various surveys also shows that the two inner pairs A and B orbit around their barycenter. Its period is probably of a few years, but for a final derivation of its orbital parameters one needs more up-to-date data. Hence, we call for new observations of this amazing system.


Comment: Published in: Acta Astronomica, vol 72, no 2, p. 103-111 (2022AcA....72..103Z)

Subject: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics