The Analysis of Large Order Bessel Functions in Gravitational Wave Signals from Pulsars

F. A. Chishtie, S. R. Valluri, K. M. Rao, D. Sikorski, T. Williams

Submitted on 15 March 2005


In this work, we present the analytic treatment of the large order Bessel functions that arise in the Fourier Transform (FT) of the Gravitational Wave (GW) signal from a pulsar. We outline several strategies which employ asymptotic expansions in evaluation of such Bessel functions which also happen to have large argument. Large order Bessel functions also arise in the Peters-Mathews model of binary inspiralling stars emitting GW and several problems in potential scattering theory. Other applications also arise in a variety of problems in Applied Mathematics as well as in the Natural Sciences and present a challenge for High Performance Computing(HPC).


Comment: 8 pages, Uses IEEE style files: Ieee.cls, Ieee.clo and floatsty.sty. Accepted for publication in High Performance Computing Symposium, May 15-18 (HPCS 2005) Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Subjects: Mathematical Physics; Astrophysics; Physics - Computational Physics