Resilient Set-based State Estimation for Linear Time-Invariant Systems Using Zonotopes

Muhammad Umar B. Niazi, Amr Alanwar, Michelle S. Chong, Karl Henrik Johansson

Submitted on 15 November 2022


This paper considers the problem of set-based state estimation for linear time-invariant (LTI) systems under time-varying sensor attacks. Provided that the LTI system is stable and observable via every single sensor and that at least one sensor is uncompromised, we guarantee that the true state is always contained in the estimated set. We use zonotopes to represent these sets for computational efficiency. However, we show that intelligently designed stealthy attacks may cause exponential growth in the algorithm's worst-case complexity. We present several strategies to handle this complexity issue and illustrate our resilient zonotope-based state estimation algorithm on a rotating target system.


Subjects: Electrical Engineering and Systems Science - Systems and Control; Computer Science - Cryptography and Security; Mathematics - Optimization and Control