Cohomology of modified Rota-Baxter Leibniz algebra of weight κ

Bibhash Mondal and Ripan Saha

Submitted on 15 November 2022


Rota-Baxter operators have paid much attention in the last few decades as they have many applications in mathematics and physics. In this paper, our object of study is modified Rota-Baxter operators on Leibniz algebras. We investigate modified Rota-Baxter Leibniz algebras from the cohomological point of view. We study a one-parameter formal deformation theory of modified Rota-Baxter Leibniz algebras and define the associated deformation cohomology which controls the deformation. Finally, as an application, we characterize equivalence classes of abelian extensions in terms of second cohomology groups.


Comment: 18 pages

Subject: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras