Analysis of Sunspot Number Fluctuations

H. Fanchiotti, S. J. Sciutto, C. A. Garcia Canal, C. Hojvat

Submitted on 16 March 2004


Monthly averages of the sunspot number visible on the sun, observed from 1749, Zurich Observatory, and from 1848 other observatories, have been analyzed. This time signal presents a frequency power spectra with a clear 1/fα behavior with α0.8±0.2. The well known cycle of approximately 11 years, clearly present in the spectrum, does not produce a sensible distortion of that behavior. The eventual characterization of the sunspot time series as a fractal is analyzed by means of the detrended fluctuation analysis. The jump size distribution of the signal is also studied.


Comment: To appear in "Fractals"

Subjects: Nonlinear Sciences - Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems; Astrophysics; Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics