Intrinsic relationships of Quantum Resource Theories and their roles in Quantum Metrology

Abdallah Slaoui

Submitted on 15 November 2022


Quantum resource theories allow us to quantify a useful quantum phenomenon, to develop new protocols for its detection and determine the exact processes that maximize its use for practical tasks. These theories aim at transforming physical phenomena, such as entanglement and quantum coherence, into useful properties for the execution of concrete tasks related to quantum information. In this thesis, we focus on the resource theories of entanglement, discord-like quantum correlations, and quantum coherence, the most intriguing quantum phenomena exploited so far in quantum information theory. We begin by presenting in detail the theoretical tools of these quantum resources, focusing on the most remarkable techniques and computational problems. In this sense, we discuss several mathematical methods that solve some problems related to their quantifications, and some analytical results for bipartite quantum systems are given. We also examine the intrinsic connections between these quantum resources by extracting the links that unite the corresponding measures. In contrast, the revolution of quantum technology has led to a growing interest in quantum metrology, and quantum entanglement has been employed to overcome the classical limit in several quantum estimation protocols. In this work, we analyze the role of quantum correlations beyond entanglement in improving the accuracy of an unknown parameter. According to our results, correlations can be captured using quantum Fisher information, and quantum discord correlations can be exploited to ensure the accuracy of phase estimation protocols. This thesis includes also the contributions on the dynamics of these quantum resources in various models of open quantum systems. Among our objectives, is to study the effects of the environment on these quantum resources and to obtain techniques to protect them from the effects of intrinsic decoherence.


Comment: PhD Dissertation, in French language. Successfully defended on September 11, 2021

Subjects: Quantum Physics; Mathematical Physics


(a) Une représentation intuitive des différents types d'entropies (b) Une représentation traditionnelle à l'aide du diagramme de Venn.