Status of the global electroweak fit with Gfitter in the light of new precision measurements

Johannes Haller, Andreas Hoecker, Roman Kogler, Klaus Mönig, Jörg Stelzer

Submitted on 14 November 2022


We present results from the global electroweak fit to precision measurements in the Standard Model (SM). The fit uses the latest theoretical calculations for observables on the Z pole and the W boson mass, yielding precise SM predictions for the effective weak mixing angle and the masses of the W and Higgs bosons, as well as the top quark. We study the impact of the latest measurements on the fit and provide comparisons of the resulting predictions for individual observables with recent measurements.


Comment: Contribution to the proceedings of the 41st International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP2022), 6-13 July 2022, Bologna, Italy. 6 pages, 3 figures

Subject: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Individual measurements and combination of the $W$ boson mass (left) and $\sinleff$ (right). The red measurements by the D0 and CDF Collaborations are not included in the combination of \MW.