A Search For Solar Hadronic Axions Using Kr-83

K. Jakovcic, Z. Krecak, M. Krcmar, A. Ljubicic

Submitted on 23 February 2004


We introduce a new experimental method for solar hadronic axions search. It is suggested that these axions are created in the Sun during M1 transition between the first thermally excited level at 9.4 keV and the ground state in 83Kr. Our method is based on axion detection via resonant absorption process by the same nucleus in the laboratory. We use proportional gas counter filled with krypton to detect signals for axions. With this setup, target and detector are the same which increases the efficiency of the experiment. At present, an upper limit on hadronic axion mass of 5.5 keV at the 95% confidence level is obtained.


Comment: 3 pages, contribution to ISRP9 Conference in Cape Town 2003. Version accepted by Radiat. Phys. Chem

Subjects: Nuclear Experiment; Astrophysics