ALP production in weak mesonic decays

Alfredo Walter Mario Guerrera and Stefano Rigolin

Submitted on 15 November 2022


Axion-Like-Particles are among the most economical and well motivated extensions of the Standard Model. In this work ALP production from hadronic and leptonic meson decays are studied. The hadronization part of these decay amplitudes have been obtained using Brodsky-Lepage method or LQCD, at needs. In particular, the general expressions for ALP emission in mesonic s- and t-channel tree-level processes are thoroughly discussed, for pseudoscalar and vector mesons. Accordingly, the calculation of the decay amplitudes for MIMFa and Mνa are presented. Finally, bounds on the (low-energy effective Lagrangian) ALP-fermion couplings are derived, from present and future flavor experiments.


Comment: 41 pages, 5 tables and 10 figures

Subject: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


The valence quark state of a pion interacting with an external current carrying momentum $\mathcal{Q}$. The valence couple must be localized in $1/\mathcal{Q}$ in the transverse direction while in the longitudinal one Lorentz contraction assures the partons to be close. The picture is taken from \cite{Sterman:1997sx}.