Observation of Alfven wave in ICME-HSS interaction region

Omkar Dhamane, Anil Raghav, Zubair Shaikh, Utsav Panchal, Kalpesh Ghag, Prathmesh Tari, Komal Chorghe, Ankush Bhaskar, Wageesh Mishra

Submitted on 10 September 2022


The Alfv\'en wave (AW) is the most common fluctuation present within the emitted solar wind from the Sun. Moreover, the interaction between interplanetary coronal mass ejection (ICME) and high-speed stream (HSS) has been observed on several occasions. However, can such interaction generate an AW? What will be the nature of AW in such a scenario remains an open question. To answer it, we have investigated an ICME-HSS interaction event observed on 21st October 1999 at 1 AU by Wind spacecraft. We have used the Wal\'en test to identify AW and estimated Elsasser variables to find the characteristics of the AWs. We explicitly find that ICME were dominant with Sunward AWs, whereas the trailing HSS has strong anti-Sunward AW. We suggest that the ICME-HSS interaction deforms the MC of the ICME, resulting in the AWs inside the MC. In addition, the existence of reconnection within the ICME early stage can also be the leading cause of the origin of AW within it.


Subjects: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; Physics - Space Physics