An approach to standardize, automate omni-channel and AI transactional digital service creation

Antoine Aamarcha, Martin Caussanel, Hadrien Lanneau, Kevin Mege, Florian Peyron

Submitted on 4 November 2022


Our work is at the crossroads of two categories of technologies. On the one hand, omnichannel digit services, to address the needs of users in the most seamless way. On the other hand, low code approaches, to build simply even complex software applications. In this twofold context, we propose DSUL (Digital Service Universal Language). It allows to build omnichannel services with minimal work from their designers. We describe precisely how DSUL operates, and its innovation in regard to the state of the art. We also consider the various methods to evaluate this framework.


Subjects: Computer Science - Software Engineering; Computer Science - Computation and Language; Computer Science - Programming Languages