AllBRICQS: the All-sky BRIght, Complete Quasar Survey

Christopher A. Onken, Christian Wolf, Wei Jeat Hon, Samuel Lai, Patrick Tisserand, Rachel Webster

Submitted on 19 September 2022


We describe the first results from the All-sky BRIght, Complete Quasar Survey (AllBRICQS), which aims to discover the last remaining optically bright quasars. We present 116 quasars (105 newly identified) having |b| > 10deg and Gaia magnitudes brighter than B_P =16.5 or R_P =16 mag (plus another four at slightly fainter magnitudes), which span a redshift range of z = 0.07 - 2.45. The AllBRICQS sources have been selected by combining data from the Gaia and WISE all-sky satellite missions, and we successfully identify quasars not flagged as candidates by Gaia Data Release 3. We expect the completeness to be approximately 96% within our magnitude and latitude limits, while the preliminary results indicate a selection purity of approximately 97%. The optical spectroscopy used for source classification will also enable detailed quasar characterisation, including black hole mass measurements and identification of foreground absorption systems. The AllBRICQS sources will greatly enhance the number of quasars available for high-signal-to-noise follow-up with present and future facilities.


Comment: 23 pages. Submitted to PASA

Subject: Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies