Gravitation as a Many Body Problem

Pawel O. Mazur

Submitted on 25 August 1997


The idea of viewing gravitation as a many body phenomenon is put forward here. Physical arguments supporting this idea are briefly reviewed. The basic mathematical object of the new gravitational mechanics is a matrix of operators. Striking similarity of the method of R-matrix (QISM) to the mathematical formulation of the new gravitational mechanics is pointed out. The s-wave difference Schrodinger equation describing a process of emission of radiation by a gravitating particle is shown to be analogous to the Baxter equation of the QISM.


Comment: RevteX file, 7 pp., Talk given at the Confernce ``Beyond the Standard Model V'', April 29-May 4, 1997, Balholm, Norway

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology