BER Performance of Photon Counting PPM vs. DPSK for Satellite Communications

Daniel Paulson

Submitted on 28 August 2022


Expressions for the BER of M-ary PPM & biphase DPSK modulations in the presence of noise are derived using analytical, statistical methods. The PPM expression is verified via Poisson statistics based simulation. BER expressions are then applied to a representative set of receiving telescope & sky spectral radiance parameters in order to assess performance of PPM & DPSK relative to one another. Finally, efficiency & additional considerations are discussed.


Comment: Final report for PhD student independent study. Contains novel derivations on uncoded bit error rate for pulse position modulation (PPM) on optical links

Subjects: Electrical Engineering and Systems Science - Signal Processing; Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics; Physics - Optics