Filament Leg--Leg Reconnection as a Source of Prominent Supra-Arcade Downflows

Jaroslav Dudik, Guillaume Aulanier, Jana Kasparova, Marian Karlicky, Alena Zemanova, Juraj Lorincik, Miloslav Druckmuller

Submitted on 1 September 2022


We report on interaction of the legs of the erupting filament of 2012 August 31 and associated prominent supra-arcade downflows (P-SADs) as observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory. We employ a number of image processing techniques to enhance weak interacting features. As the filament erupts, both legs stretch outwards. The positive-polarity leg also untwists and splits into two parts. The first part runs into the conjugate (negative-polarity) leg, tearing it apart. The second part then converges into the remnant of the conjugate leg, after which both weaken and finally disappear. All these episodes of interaction of oppositely-oriented filament legs are followed by appearance of P-SADs, seen in the on-disk projection to be shaped as loop-tops, along with many weaker SADs. All SADs are preceded by hot supra-arcade downflowing loops. This observed evolution is consistent with the three-dimensional rr-rf (leg-leg) reconnection, where the erupting flux rope reconnects with itself. In our observations, as well as in some models, the reconnection in this geometry is found to be long-lasting. It plays a substantial role in the evolution of the flux rope of the erupting filament and leads to prominent supra-arcade downflows.


Comment: 9 pages, 5 figures Accepted for publication in the ApJL

Subject: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics