Fast GPU-Based Two-Way Continuous Collision Handling

Tianyu Wang, Jiong Chen, Dongping Li, Xiaowei Liu, Huamin Wang, Kun Zhou

Submitted on 8 November 2022


Step-and-project is a popular way to simulate non-penetrated deformable bodies in physically-based animation. First integrating the system in time regardless of contacts and post resolving potential intersections practically strike a good balance between plausibility and efficiency. However, existing methods could be defective and unsafe when the time step is large, taking risks of failures or demands of repetitive collision testing and resolving that severely degrade performance. In this paper, we propose a novel two-way method for fast and reliable continuous collision handling. Our method launches the optimization at both ends of the intermediate time-integrated state and the previous intersection-free state, progressively generating a piecewise-linear path and finally reaching a feasible solution for the next time step. Technically, our method interleaves between a forward step and a backward step at a low cost, until the result is conditionally converged. Due to a set of unified volume-based contact constraints, our method can flexibly and reliably handle a variety of codimensional deformable bodies, including volumetric bodies, cloth, hair and sand. The experiments show that our method is safe, robust, physically faithful and numerically efficient, especially suitable for large deformations or large time steps.


Subject: Computer Science - Graphics