Intensity Interferometry at Calern and beyond: progress report

Nolan Matthews, Jean-Pierre Rivet, Mathilde Hugbart, Guillaume Labeyrie, Robin Kaiser, Olivier Lai, Farrokh Vakili, David Vernet, Julien Chabé, Clémont Courde, Nicolas Schuhler, Pierre Bourget, William Guerin

Submitted on 6 September 2022


We present the current status of the I2C stellar intensity interferometer used towards high angular resolution observations of stars in visible wavelengths. In these proceedings, we present recent technical improvements to the instrument, and share results from ongoing campaigns using arrays of small diameter optical telescopes. A tip-tilt adaptive optics unit was integrated into the optical system to stabilize light injection into an optical fiber. The setup was successfully tested with several facilities on the Calern Plateau site of the Observatoire de la C\^ote d'Azur. These include one of the 1 m diameter telescopes of the C2PU observatory, a portable 1 m diameter telescope, and also the 1.5 m M\'eO telescope. To better constrain on-sky measurements, the spectral transmission of instrument was characterized in the laboratory using a high resolution spectrograph. The system was also tested with two of the auxiliary telescopes of the VLTI resulting in successful temporal and spatial correlation measurements of three stars.


Subject: Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics