Strange hadronic stellar matter within the Brueckner-Bethe-Goldstone theory

M. Baldo, G. F. Burgio, H. -J. Schulze

Submitted on 22 June 2000


In the framework of the non-relativistic Brueckner-Bethe-Goldstone theory, we derive a microscopic equation of state for asymmetric and β-stable matter containing Σ and Λ hyperons. We mainly study the effects of three-body forces (TBFs) among nucleons on the hyperon formation and the equation of state (EoS). We find that, when TBFs are included, the stellar core is almost equally populated by nucleons and hyperons. The resulting EoS, which turns out to be extremely soft, has been used in order to calculate the static structure of neutron stars. We obtain a value of the maximum mass of 1.26 solar masses (1 solar mass Mo1.991033g). Stellar rotations increase this value by about 12%.


Comment: 4 pages, Latex, 2 figures included. To appear in the Proceedings of '' Bologna 2000 - Structure of the Nucleus at the Dawn of the Century'', May 29- June 3, 2000, Bologna, Italy

Subjects: Nuclear Theory; Astrophysics