The Wind Dynamics of Super-Eddington Sources in FRADO

Mohammad-Hassan Naddaf, Bożena Czerny, Michal Zajaček

Submitted on 19 September 2022


We perform non-hydrodynamical 2.5D simulations to study the dynamics of material above accretion disk based on the disk radiation pressure acting on dust. We assume a super-accreting underlying disk with the accretion rate of 10 times the Eddington rate with central black hole mass ranging from 107 up to 109M. Such high accretion rates are characteristic for extreme sources. We show that for high accretors radiatively dust-driving mechanism based on FRADO model always leads to a massive outflow from the disk surface, and the failed wind develops only at larger radii. The outflow rate strongly depends on the black hole mass, and in optically-thick energy-driven solution can exceed the accretion rate for masses larger than 108M but momentum-driven outflow does not exceed the accretion rate even for super-Eddington accretion, therefore not violating the adopted stationarity of the disk. However, even in this case the outflow from the disk implies a strong mechanical feedback.


Comment: 13 pages, 3 figures, Accepted for publication in the journal of Dynamics (MDPI)

Subjects: Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies; Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena