New Classes of Exact Multi-String Solutions in Curved Spacetimes

A. L. Larsen, N. Sanchez

Submitted on 23 January 1995


We find new classes of {\it exact} string solutions in a variety of curved backgrounds. They include stationary and dynamical (open, closed, straight, finitely and infinitely long) strings as well as {\it multi-string} solutions, in terms of elliptic functions. The physical properties, string length, energy and pressure are computed and analyzed. In anti de Sitter spacetime, the solutions describe an {\it infinite} number of infinitely long stationary strings of equal energy but different pressures. In de Sitter spacetime, outside the horizon, they describe infinitely many {\it dynamical} strings infalling non-radially, scattering at the horizon and going back to spatial infinity in different directions. For special values of the constants of motion, there are families of solutions with {\it selected finite} numbers of different and independent strings. In black hole spacetimes (without cosmological constant), {\it no} multi-string solutions are found. In the Schwarzschild black hole, inside the horizon, we find one straight string infalling non-radially, with {\it indefinetely} growing size, into the r=0 singularity. In the 2+1 black hole anti de Sitter background, the string stops at r=0 with {\it finite} length.


Comment: 43 pages Latex + one table and seven figures (not included).

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology