3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section at low energies

Gy. Gyurky, F. Confortola, H. Costantini, A. Formicola, D. Bemmerer, R. Bonetti, C. Broggini, P. Corvisiero, Z. Elekes, Zs. Fulop, G. Gervino, A. Guglielmetti, C. Gustavino, G. Imbriani, M. Junker, M. Laubenstein, A. Lemut, B. Limata, V. Lozza, M. Marta, R. Menegazzo, P. Prati, V. Roca, C. Rolfs, C. Rossi Alvarez, E. Somorjai, O. Straniero, F. Strieder, F. Terrasi, H. P. Trautvetter

Submitted on 5 February 2007


The flux of 7Be and 8B neutrinos from the Sun and the production of 7Li via primordial nucleosynthesis depend on the rate of the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be reaction. In extension of a previous study showing cross section data at 127 - 167 keV center of mass energy, the present work reports on a measurement of the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section at 106 keV performed at Italy's Gran Sasso underground laboratory by the activation method. This energy is closer to the solar Gamow energy than ever reached before. The result is sigma = 0.567 +- 0.029(stat) +- 0.016(syst) nbarn. The data are compared with previous activation studies at high energy, and a recommended S(0) value for all 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be activation studies, including the present work, is given.


Comment: Accepted for publication in PRC

Subjects: Nuclear Experiment; Astrophysics