Non-Singular String-Cosmologies From Exact Conformal Field Theories

H. J. de Vega, A. L. Larsen, N. Sanchez

Submitted on 28 June 1999


Non-singular two and three dimensional string cosmologies are constructed using the exact conformal field theories corresponding to SO(2,1)/SO(1,1) and SO(2,2)/SO(2,1). All semi-classical curvature singularities are canceled in the exact theories for both of these cosets, but some new quantum curvature singularities emerge. However, considering different patches of the global manifolds, allows the construction of non-singular spacetimes with cosmological interpretation. In both two and three dimensions, we construct non-singular oscillating cosmologies, non-singular expanding and inflationary cosmologies including a de Sitter (exponential) stage with positive scalar curvature as well as non-singular contracting and deflationary cosmologies. We analyse these cosmologies in detail with respect to the behaviour of the scale factors, the scalar curvature and the string-coupling. The sign of the scalar curvature is changed by the quantum corrections in oscillating cosmologies and evolves with time in the non-oscillating cases. Similarities between the two and three dimensional cases suggest a general picture for higher dimensional coset cosmologies: Anisotropy seems to be a generic unavoidable feature, cosmological singularities are generically avoided and it is possible to construct non-singular cosmologies where some spatial dimensions are experiencing inflation while the others experience deflation.


Comment: LaTex, 21 pages, 6 .ps figures

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology; High Energy Physics - Phenomenology