Vacuum polarization effects in hyperon rich dense matter -- a nonperturbative treatment

Amruta Mishra, P. K. Panda, W. Greiner

Submitted on 31 December 2000


We derive the equation of state (EOS) for electrically charge neutral dense matter using Quantum Hadrodynamics (QHD) model. This is carried out in a nonperturbative manner including quantum corrections for baryons through a realignment of vacuum with baryon-antibaryon condensates. This yields the results of relativistic Hartree approximation of summing over baryonic tadpole diagrams. The quantum corrections from the scalar meson is also taken into account in a similar way. This leads to a softening of the equation of state for the hyperonic matter. The formalism also allows us to do a self consistent calculation of the in-medium sigma meson mass. The effects of such quantum corrections on the composition of charge neutral dense matter is considered. The effect of the resulting EOS on the structure of the neutron stars is also studied.


Comment: 26 pages, Latex (ReVTeX style)

Subjects: Nuclear Theory; Astrophysics; High Energy Physics - Phenomenology