First Order Kaon Condensation in Neutron Stars: Finite Size Effects in the Mixed Phase

Travis Norsen and Sanjay Reddy

Submitted on 23 October 2000


We study the role of Coulomb and surface effects on the phase transition from dense nuclear matter to a mixed phase of nuclear and kaon-condensed matter. We calculate corrections to the bulk calculation of the equation of state (EOS) and the critical density for the transition by solving explicitly for spherical, cylindrical, and planar structures. The importance of Debye screening in the determination of the charged particle profiles is studied in some detail. We find that the surface and Coulomb contributions to the energy density are small, but that they play an important role in the determination of the critical pressure for the transition, as well as affecting the size and geometry of favored structures. This changes the EOS over a wide range of pressure and consequently increases the maximum mass by about 0.1 solar masses. Implications for transport properties of the mixed phase are also discussed.


Comment: 18 pages, 6 figures

Subjects: Nuclear Theory; Astrophysics