Nonsymmetric Gravitational Theory as a String Theory

J. W. Moffat

Submitted on 4 December 1995


It is shown that the new version of nonsymmetric gravitational theory (NGT) corresponds in the linear approximation to linear Einstein gravity theory and antisymmetric field equations with a non-conserved string source current. The Hamiltonian for the antisymmetric field equations is bounded from below and describes the exchange of a spin 1+ massive vector boson between open strings. The non-Riemannian geometrical theory is formulated in terms of a nonsymmetric fundamental tensor gμν. The weak field limit, g[μν]0, associated with large distance scales, corresponds to the limit to a confinement region at low energies described by an effective Yukawa potential at galactic distance scales. The limit to this low-energy confinement region is expected to be singular and non-perturbative. The NGT string theory predicts that there are no black hole event horizons associated with infinite red shift null surfaces.


Comment: 10 pages. RevTex file. No figures

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory; Astrophysics