Intelligent Surface Enabled Sensing-Assisted Communication

Kaitao Meng, Qingqing Wu, Wen Chen, Deshi Li

Submitted on 8 November 2022, last revised on 17 November 2022


Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is expected to support many promising applications in next-generation wireless networks. The recent development of integrated sensing and communications (ISAC) technology offers new opportunities to meet the stringent sensing and communication (S&C) requirements in V2X networks. However, considering the relatively small radar cross section (RCS) of the vehicles and the limited transmit power of the road site units (RSUs), the power of echoes may be too weak to achieve effective target detection and tracking. To handle this issue, we propose a novel sensing-assisted communication scheme by employing an intelligent Omni-surface (IOS) on the surface of the vehicle. First, a two-phase ISAC protocol, including the S&C phase and the communication-only phase, was presented to maximize the throughput by jointly optimizing the IOS phase shifts and the sensing duration. Then, we derive a closed-form expression of the achievable rate which achieves a good approximation. Furthermore, a sufficient and necessary condition for the existence of the S&C phase is derived to provide useful insights for practical system design. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed sensing-assisted communication scheme in achieving high throughput with low transmit power requirements.


Comment: 8 pages, Submitted to IEEE for possible publication

Subjects: Computer Science - Information Theory; Electrical Engineering and Systems Science - Signal Processing