Developers' Privacy Education: A game framework to stimulate secure coding behaviour

Abdulrahman Hassan Alhazmi, Mumtaz Abdul Hameed, Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage

Submitted on 7 November 2022


Software privacy provides the ability to limit data access to unauthorized parties. Privacy is achieved through different means, such as implementing GDPR into software applications. However, previous research revealed that the lack of poor coding behaviour leads to privacy breaches such as personal data breaching. Therefore, this research proposes a novel game framework as a training intervention enabling developers to implement privacy-preserving software systems. The proposed framework was empirically investigated through a survey study (with some exit questions), which revealed the elements that should be addressed in the game design framework. The developed game framework enhances developers' secure coding behaviour to improve the privacy of the software they develop.


Comment: 10

Subject: Computer Science - Cryptography and Security