BigCilin: An Automatic Chinese Open-domain Knowledge Graph with Fine-grained Hypernym-Hyponym Relations

Ming Liu, Yaojia LV, Jingrun Zhang, Ruiji Fu, Bing Qin

Submitted on 7 November 2022


This paper presents BigCilin, the first Chinese open-domain knowledge graph with fine-grained hypernym-hyponym re-lations which are extracted automatically from multiple sources for Chinese named entities. With the fine-grained hypernym-hyponym relations, BigCilin owns flexible semantic hierarchical structure. Since the hypernym-hyponym paths are automati-cally generated and one entity may have several senses, we provide a path disambi-guation solution to map a hypernym-hyponym path of one entity to its one sense on the condition that the path and the sense express the same meaning. In order to conveniently access our BigCilin Knowle-dge graph, we provide web interface in two ways. One is that it supports querying any Chinese named entity and browsing the extracted hypernym-hyponym paths surro-unding the query entity. The other is that it gives a top-down browsing view to illust-rate the overall hierarchical structure of our BigCilin knowledge graph over some sam-pled entities.


Comment: 5 pages, 3 figures

Subject: Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence